What We Offer Investment Banking

Our investment banking services range from covering corporate advisory, structuring and marketing, private equity ventures, business and strategy formulation, corporate advisory transactions, and capital restructuring.
RUSD Investment Bank Inc. specializes in strategic advisory services, marketing, business acceleration and transformation, corporate governance, organizational development and other areas designed to assist companies who are looking for ways to expand beyond their current level of organic growth. 

Our broad and comprehensive expertise enables us to provide corporations with objective assessments of their current situation and devise effective strategies for new growth and revenue generation.
Equity Capital Markets
RUSD Investment Bank Inc. is also active in Equity Capital Markets. We offer expertise in mergers and acquisitions, for corporations of all sizes. We advise on the full spectrum of equity and equity-linked instruments, including IPOs, rights issues, secondary offerings, quick-to-market transactions.
Debt Capital Markets
RUSD Investment Bank Inc. advises clients and financial institutions in financial markets who entrust us with the full range of their domestic and cross-border transactions covering a diversity of financial structures.
RUSD Investment Bank Inc. is a keen player in the regional debt markets with experience across key industries. Our dedicated experienced team has local and international experience and provides our clients with professional advice and guidance at every stage of the fund-raising process.
Structured Products
At RUSD Investment Bank Inc., we efficiently combine various asset classes to provide you with an extensive choice of sophisticated solutions that will match your objectives and enhance your portfolio. We combine traditional financial instruments with derivative instruments, whose value is based on an underlying security. These products allow you to enhance your return by benefiting in a flexible way from short-term market opportunities. 

Our range of structured products provides you with an extensive choice of sophisticated and innovative investment solutions that aim to match such objectives - the perfect way to enhance your portfolio.
Treasury Management
Corporations need to understand their cash positions and requirements through ever‑changing conditions. At RUSD Investment Inc., we can help you analyze and strive to optimize your working capital with comprehensive, integrated liquidity management and investment solutions. We adopt a strategic, comprehensive approach supporting your business cycle. This ranges from funding operational cash needs to investing for future growth, based on daily, short‑term, long‑term (strategic) and compliance-related liquidity requirements.
Real Estate Investment
RUSD Investment Bank Inc. offers a broad range of real estate investment solutions across the Middle East and GCC. We have the global strength across a broad spectrum of relevant investment disciplines with a substantial local operating presence.
Investment Advisers
RUSD Investment Bank Inc. would be delighted to assist you with any of the services that we offer