Our Philosophy Client Charter

RUSD Investment Bank Inc. is committed to provide services in a professional, efficient, innovative and ethical manner to investors and potential investors by:

Responding to all investment enquiries in a prompt and courteous manner;
Offering diverse products and services that are innovative to suit various needs;
Disseminating accurate and up to-date information on investments;
Assisting customers with professional advisory in the nurturing of their investments on the premise of flexibility and understanding of customers’ requirements.

RUSD Investment Bank Inc. highly respects every customer’s right to privacy and security of personal information, as well as financial transactions handled by us. We employ the tightest possible measures and policies in our operations for the protection of your private data.
Reliability and Quality   Customer Service
It is our main objective at RUSD Investment Bank Inc. to provide credible, reliable, responsive and quality services to our customers at all times. Our experienced staff manages and ensures that our service quality control standards are met.
RUSD Investment Bank Inc. is driven by excellence in customer service. We welcome and encourage your enquiries, feedback and concerns as opportunities to understand your needs better. We shall therefore promptly respond to all your communications with us.
RUSD Investment Bank Inc. is committed to ensure that our descriptions and details of products and services offered by us shall not be misleading or false. We shall also ensure, to the best of our ability that any and all representations, statements and assurances, which are made or provided by us, are at all times credible, accurate and true.