Our Philosophy CEO's Statement

RUSD Investment Bank Inc. has carved its name well in the Islamic financial market, not only because of its innovative successes but also as a result of our five important attributes - professionalism, seasoned management, veteran Islamic bankers, prompt response to client needs and in being in the forefront of Islamic product development.
RUSD Bank also offers solutions in private equity investments, real estate and property development opportunities, externally managed Shariah-compliant mutual funds, in-house structured funds, as well as short term liquidity management. Acknowledging the different needs of our clients, the investment tools we offer and manage are designed to meet short, medium and long-term investment needs. What’s more, they range from the traditional to the new and innovative.

RUSD Investment Bank Inc. is not new in the investment industry. We started off as an investment arm of the world’s foremost Islamic insurance companies with operations in different Islamic countries. In line with our ambitious aspirations, we have extended our reach beyond the scope of an investment arm and beyond borders.

Through unique structures based on Islamic principles, RUSD Bank also offers a range of offshore trusts, tax and estate planning, and pension provision as well as trustee services through strategic alliances.

We have grown into an entity with a unique business model, and a strong network in the Middle East, in the GCC as well as in South East Asian countries like Malaysia. Our vision now is to emerge as a leading Shariah-compliant Islamic asset and investment bank, and the preferred one-stop liaison centre bridging the Middle East, GCC and South East Asian countries. With an impressive track record as hard proof, I can assure you that RUSD Investment Bank Inc. is able to provide high quality advice and implement techniques for our customers globally.
RUSD Investment Bank Inc. is regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority, one of the leading regulatory bodies in the Asia Pacific Group. Malaysia has successfully established itself as an international financial centre with a very effective legal framework which is responsive to the varying needs of high net-worth investors, multinational businesses and corporations. 

At RUSD Investment Bank Inc., we have the right mindset, the right tools, the right people, values, vision and mission that will sail us through a successful journey to link the bridges the world over.

What we need to generate success are right clients and we believe that you could be such a client.

Rizwan Razzak

Chief Executive Officer