About RUSD Strategic Positioning

RUSD Investment Bank Inc.’s broader strategy is to offer clients a greater choice of investment services. The bank is at the forefront of designing, packaging and spearheading investment opportunities and financing deals into Shariah-compliant investment products such as Sukuk, general investment accounts, Ijarah notes, insurance linked products and private equity investments.
At RUSD Bank, we have the wealth of industry knowledge, the talent, tools and values to deliver the highest standards of service to our corporate and high net-worth clients. RUSD Bank is governed by five key strategic elements, namely -
strong financial group support;
seasoned management;
flexibility to offer services in different regions; and
agility to respond to client’s needs.
Unique And Among The Very Few
RUSD Investment Bank Inc.’s Shariah compliant products and services are internationally recognised and respected the world over. Being one of the very few players in the market with a focused and experienced management team, we offer excellent prospects for our clients.

As an investment bank focused on niche markets and propelled by a management team with considerable and outstanding Islamic investment banking experience and skills, we offer a far superior response to our clients’ needs. You can count on RUSD Investment Bank Inc. as your trusted financial partner that is professional, responsive and efficient.