About RUSD Shariah Board

Acknowledging that Shariah expertise is fundamental to all Shariah-compliant solutions, and recognizing the need to carefully manage Shariah compliance processes, we have a team of Shariah scholars with exceptional credentials:
Sheikh Nizam Yaquby

A member of the Shariah Advisory Boards of Islamic Banks and Companies including Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Islamic Investment Company of the Gulf and Arab Islamic Bank, Sheikh Nizam Yaquby pursued traditional Islamic studies in Makkah, India and Morocco under eminent Islamic scholars. Sheikh Nizam Yaquby has a bachelor’s degree in Economics & Comparative Religion and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Islamic Law at the University of Wales.Committee of the Association of Saudi Chambers of Commerce. He currently serves on the Investment Committee for the Society of the Gifted that is headed by His Majesty, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.
Professor Mohammad Daud Bakar

Professor Mohammad Daud Bakar sits on the Shariah Advisory Boards of various national and multilateral organizations including the Securities Commission of Malaysia, and Bank Negara Malaysia – Central Bank of Malaysia. Professor Mohammad Daud Bakar is President and CEO of the International Institute of Islamic Finance, Inc., Malaysia.